Guggenheim Museum in NYC yanks 3 pieces after PETA protest. Update 9/25: The Guggenheim has canceled these exhibits, citing threats of violence against participants as the reason. Guggenheim Museum in NYC yanks 3 pieces after PETA protest The Guggenheim Museum seen in New York City. The Guggenheim Museums Art and China After 1989: Theater of the World reflects on a period of change in China and beyond. On Xu Bings A Case Study of Transference: The original version of the work featured two live pigs a boar and a sow having sex in front of audiences at one of the early informal art spaces in Beijing. Home/ Art/ Guggenheim Accused of Supporting Animal Cruelty in New Exhibition. - Karen Meyerhoff 12 Figure VII Frank O. Gehry, Guggenheim Bilbao Museum, Bilbao, Spain (1992-1997) The case study will examine the architectural masterpiece, the Should the Guggenheim have pulled controversial animal artworks? Help us send a message to the Guggenheim by signing this petition. The Guggenheim originally agreed to include the third piece, A Case Study of Transference, but only as a video of a Beijing performance. New Yorks Guggenheim Museum said it will not include three works in an upcoming exhibition after they sparked the ire of animal rights groups. Another exhibit that's been called into question is Xu Bings A Case Study of Transference," featuring mating pigs whose bodies have been stamped with what's described as "gibberish ." The Guggenheim Museum is removing three controversial artworks from an upcoming exhibition following a furious outcry by animal rights activists and repeated threats of violence. ... NEW YORK --The Guggenheim Museum is pulling some ... "A Case Study of Transference Let them know that animal cruelty holds no place in art in the United States, nor should it anywhere in the world. The Guggenheim Museum ... Guggenheim Museum Wont Show Art Accused of Depicting Animal Cruelty ... A video of Xu Bings 1994 A Case Study of Transference Guggenheim pulls controversial works amid outcry from ... of the show and Xu Xu Bings 1994 A Case Study of Transference are ... New York Post. This show of Chinese art says a lot more about issues on this side of the ocean. Update: The Guggenheim has decided against showing three controversial art installations after extreme Internet backlash.